Law graduantsGraduation is becoming a bit of a habit…

For the second time in so many years, students from the Institute of Law attended a graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of their peers who had obtained degrees and certificates from the University of London and the Institute itself.

Speaking at the graduation, the Dean, Professor Marrani, opened the ceremony stating that “une fois n’est pas coutume” (once isn’t a custom) but since this was the second graduation happening for the second time in so many years, it was now entering within the Institute of Law’s customs and we could look forward to more graduation ceremonies in the years to come.


Speeches from graduating Institute of Law students themselves followed these opening words. Iselin Jones who was receiving her Bachelor of Law (LL.B), reflected on the benefits of being able to study on Island when you had a young family as well as the need to have strong support from the family whilst embarking in their study journey.

You can read Iselin’s speech on LinkedIn

Marie le Frapper, who is the 2018 the recipient of the Catherine Elliott prize for academic achievement and two awards from the University of London, chose to reflect on the lifelong relationships and friendships all the International Students of the Institute of Law make when they come to study at the Institute, and the fact that, for them it is only the beginning of their journeys.

Both student speakers praised the quality of the teaching and support at the Institute of Law.

And the surprise…

Sir Philip Bailhache

The apogee of the ceremony was the award of an honorary Master’s in Jersey Law to Sir Philip Bailhache, in recognition of all his quiet work to advance Jersey law on the Island. The Master’s certificate was handed out by Advocate Stephen Baker, who had recently taken over from Sir Philip as the Chair of the Governing Body of the Institute of Law, and under the proud eye of Sir Philip’s brother, the Bailiff.




Resolution Centre Graduation

Craig Cathcart

This year, the Resolution Centre has been running Mediation courses accredited by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh at the Institute of Law, so it felt appropriate to have Craig Cathcart, a senior lecturer in dispute resolution at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, attending to hand out Mediation certificates to their graduating students.


The awards were given to:

GraduantsLL.B: Iselin Jones

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law: Marie le Frapper, Lara Morand, Lisa-Marie Marc, Marie Fattal, Solène Feillet

Institute of Law Certificate in Common Law: Elisa Martinez-Toribio, Emma Bernard, Juliette Raynier, Margaux Deschamps



Certificates of Outstanding Performance:

Commercial Law: Michael Davies

Family Law: Zoe Beer

Legal System and Method: Marie le Frapper

Criminology: Iselin Jones

Criminal Law: Marie le Frapper

Mediation Certificate:

resolution centre graduatesAlison de Bourcier, Jennifer Bridge, George Butler, Jonathan Channing, Bronwyn Gomez, Dominic Hind, Andrea Jimenez, Anne King, Stephanie Knight, Joanna Dentskevich, James Lambert, Richard Langlois, Gailina Liew, Harry McRandle, Douglas Melville, Louise Reid, Heather Rushton, Robert Simony, Ross Symes, Charlotte Valeur and Sophie Watkins.



 And finally, a huge thank-you…

Like everything else the success of the Institute of Law and its ability to hold a graduation ceremony rely on a number of factors that we would like to acknowledge:

  • the work ethics of the students who attend the Courses,
  • the work of its staffs and of its teaching teams (as well as their enthusiasm),
  • The Institute’s governors who hold its vision,
  • the employers who take a change on the students by offering work placements,
  • and last but not least, the goodwill of the Courts and the Judiciary staff (from the ushers to the judges via the clerical and managerial staff) who allow students to attend sittings or, like today, agree to work longer hours to keep the building open for special events.

These are all the people who make the Institute of Law such a special place to study at. So thank you all!



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