More partners wanted for the work placement scheme

The work placement scheme was piloted in the 2016-2017 academic year by 5 Jersey law firms who had agreed to provide valuable placements for our LLB students.


How does it work?

The schemes aims to provide as much of a ‘real life’  situation as possible. Students should be asked to produce:

  • a CV;
  • a supporting letter of application

The potential employer will then be able to pre-select from our pool of students for interviews and/or aptitude test.

Student’s availability:

Our jersey based students are available all year round and our European students are available for the academic year. from October until April.  Immigration rules do not allow students from outside the EEA to undertake any work placements therefore they will be informed they cannot reply to the advertisements.

Flexibility to fit your needs:

The scheme is flexible and can be adapted to to suit the needs of the employer. It is up to the potential employer and the student to negotiate the length of the placement, the number of hours to be worked each week and the remunerations.

Our classes run after 17:00 on week days and at the week ends, therefore our students can be available up to 20 hours a week when you need them.

The scheme can also give you opportunities to fill your organisation administrative gaps for:

  • lunch time cover;
  • holiday cover;
  • sickness cover.

To pay or not to pay?

Work placements can be offered paid or unpaid (however, if it is substantial regular work, then the student should at least receive minimum wages).


Please contact Murielle Nicolas by phone on 01534 826060 to discuss your requirements of email her at:



Baker & Partners logo“Baker and Partners was delighted to offer tow placements to students from the Institute of Law. During their time, they became involved in a wide variety of the work undertaken by the firm and received universally positive feedback on their performance. It was a pleasure to have them with us for a short time and we very much hope they found it to be a valuable experience as they look to forge their careers in law.”


Benest Corbett Renouf logo“We have offered 8 placements for the 2016-2017 academic year, so far (May 2017) 2 have completed their placements, with other other placements continuing all through the summer months. So far, I have found all students very bright, enthusiastic and pleasant to have around. I am confident that the students will have experienced the reality of life in a law firm, will have gained some insight into the varied nature of litigation in a small island, and will hopefully have seen something of client meetings, court, mediation and the like. They will also have plenty of experience in the more mundane side of law, such as document organisation and filing.”


“providing an internship and mentoring an Institute of Law student has been a positive and rewarding experience both for Bedell Cristin and for the student.

Bedell Cristin provide valuable insight into the law in practice and offer work experience which can be difficult for a student to obtain in such a competitive market. The student from the Institute of Law already had a well founded initial understanding of law which has added great value to the firm during her internship”

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