It’s time for an amnesty, the law library needs its books back.

A recent stock take has highlighted the fact that several books donated to the law library by the Jersey Law Society have developed legs and walked out of the library on their own.  I have no doubt that those books have found good homes on people’s desks, however, as they were not homeless books, we would like them back please. So if you happen to find any stray library book in your home or office, I would be grateful if you could return them to the Institute of law library as soon as possible. No questions will be asked and the librarian will welcome her strays back and put them back on the shelves.

Library rules:

Just like other libraries we have pretty standard rules, we love our books so much that we don’t want them to be damaged, so food and drinks are not allowed past the library doors.

The library is a place of study, so please respect its peace and quiet, mobile phones must be in silent and telephone conversation conducted on the other side of the library door.

No taking books out of the library: The Institute of Law is not a lending library, so books needs to be consulted “in situ”, should you need a couple of pages photocopied or scanned, please ask the librarian. If you really need to take a book from the library, you will need to leave a caution of £100.00 in cash (no cheque, no card).

Summer time law library opening hours:

Monday to Friday : 13:00 – 17:30


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