Students’ Experience Programme

New Experiences for our LLB & Double Degree Students

how many Institute of Law can you fit in a phone box?

The 2017-2018 academic year started differently this year with a full induction week which saw our students taking part in a tailored treasure hunt where they had to find their way through the various websites used by the University of London, the Institute of Law, and undertake physical tasks such as getting registered with the relevant authorities or finalising their enrolment.

There were fun tasks as well including mini videos, and taking pictures and selfies of themselves all over the place, such as “how many students do you fit in a phone box” – Well apparently, the answer is no more than 4 (I was expecting to see a phone box packed with students…. but this didn’t happen, they are so well behaved!).



Debates – débats – debates



The first Café débats of the Insitute in full swing

The first Café débats of the Institute in full swing

A new initiative for 2017-2018, the debate clubs have been launched. These are not solely for our students as we have invited anyone over the age of 16, interested in debate to join us. Both events are fundraisers for the Institute and whilst students participation is free, other attendees are encouraged to make a donation when getting a ticket.



Let’s talk about…

These debates are purely in English, participants debate on a given subject, and have a chance to practice and improve the following skills:

  • Improving their knowledge of a subject they may not be familiar with;
  • Analyse the given subject critically;
  • Learn how to organise their thoughts;
  • Prepare informed arguments backed up by evidence
  • Speech composition and delivery, improving public speaking skills.

Cafés Débats

All of the let’s talk about… points are valid for the Cafes Debats, with the added twist of being entirely in French, they give anyone with an intermediate level of French the opportunity to come and practice the art of Gallic speaking in a friendly environment.


Court visits

Magistrate Court visit by Institute of Law students

Listening to our students suggestions, we have implemented this year a series of Court visits, during those visits, the students get to arrive half an hour before the start of the hearing, they are briefed by the Greffier, and depending on the size of the court list and the availability of the magistrate, they may be able to have a question and answer session at the end.




Organised visit are ongoing throughout the year to the following courts:

  1. Magistrate Court ( you can read about our visit there)
  2. The Employment tribunal
  3. The Petty Debt Court (you can read about our visit there)
  4. The Royal Court

For more information about the Courts, please access the States of Jersey website.


Graduation Ceremony

Students celebrating graduation

We do love to celebrate our students’ success with them and are proud to organise a yearly graduation ceremony, be it for the LLB or the Certificate in Higher Education in Common Law. This is the highlight of our events calendar, and takes place at the beginning of the second semester.  Not to be missed.




Work experience scheme

Our work experience scheme started in the 2016-2017 academic year, students have the opportunity, should they wish to, to apply for placements in legal firms, in the finance industry, with other charities or even in some of the States of Jersey departments. Placements are advertised on our Virtual Learning Environment and interested students need to follow the application process. Sadly as we have more students than placement, not every one is guaranteed a placement every year, but if your cv shines and your grades excel, you will be more likely to be selected for a placement after your first year of studies.

  • Find more information about the work experience scheme on its page.
  • Download the work experience scheme leaflet.