A different type of morning

Magistrate Court visit by Institute of Law studentsIt’s the 23rd November and the weather outside is very blustery, however, this didn’t stop 17 of our students from getting out of bed and assemble in front of the Magistrate Court building to meet my camera and regroup before braving the entrance to the building.

Once inside, a quick roll call to satisfy the ushers’ security checks and to confirm all were present. our bleary eyed students were then greeted by  the Court Greffier who kindly shared the history of the Magistrate Court with the students and explained what offenses where dealt with by which Court.  The Greffier explained that the group would be split into 2 sub-groups; one would go to the Remand court, and the other to the Magistrate’s court. Both groups would be switched at the mid-morning section break so they could both get a similar experience from the visit..

All students came back to the Institute early afternoon, in a very excited state of mind, saying they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and couldn’t wait for the next organised visit.

Here is what some of the students had to say:

“It was a great experience to visit the court and attend a trial, and it was reassuring to see that both of the judges were women.” – (Louison)

” It was a very nice experience, especially seeing the custody suite, something that the public cannot generally see. The security measures were very impressive and made me realise how heavy a sentence can be. It was also truly interesting to see a criminal hearing in real and see how the procedures work, from the most simple ones to more complicated ones.” – (Lara)

“The greffier took the time to explain the important things to know about the process of attending a trial. It is all about sharing a passion” – (Margaux)


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