Celebrating Emma German’s LL.M. award

The Institute of Law has awarded a LL.M. in Jersey Law  to Emma German.

Following completion of the Jersey Law Course, Emma decided to carry on with her law studies and commenced a LL.M. in Jersey Law.  After completing research on the use of smart contracts in Jersey, she submitted her thesis for assessment and was awarded a LL.M. (with distinction) this summer.

Emma commented as follows:

Institute of Law awards LLM in Jersey Laws“I was delighted to have been awarded a LL.M.  from the Institute of Law in Jersey for my thesis on the recognition of smart contracts in Jersey. 

The transformative nature of blockchain and the use of smart contracts is compelling.  For Jersey to maintain its standing as an international finance centre, it is important for its laws and regulations to be  fit  for a digital age and to encourage the adoption of technological developments in the way we contract.  The Institute of Law plays an important role in cultivating legal thinking for the development of Jersey law.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this thesis because it gave me the opportunity to research the fast-moving area of blockchain whilst delving into the rich history of Jersey’s contract law principles to make recommendations for Jersey law in this area.

It is proposed that an abridged version of my thesis will be published on the Jersey Guernsey Law Review in the coming months.”

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If you are interested in obtaining this qualification. You can find more information on our LL.M. in Jersey Law on its dedicated website page.

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