It’s nearly there

Now that the children have gone back to school, it’s time for the grown up (over 18 year olds) to look forward to come back to the classroom to study. Both our LLB course, and our Jersey Law Course are having their induction session on Sunday the 24th September (2pm for the LLB, 3pm for the Jersey Law Course). This will be followed by a week full of induction activities.

What happens in the induction?

Quite a lot really, students will be introduced to the Institute staff and given a welcome pack (containing the widget they will need to open the doors leading to the seminar rooms). We will try to make the powerpoint interesting enough not to bore everyone to death….

Most importantly, we will reveal  the timetable for the first 2 semesters and let students know which tutorial group (when applicable) they have been made members of.

So what’s new?

Every year something changes and this year is no exception, the Jersey Law Course format has been amended, we are more students than ever starting on the LLB….

You will see new Institute of Law fundraising events and new short courses being introduced, so keep an eye on the website for updates.

One of our dear LLB lecturer, Scott is off to pasture new in the sunshine and had to seriously reduce the amount of hours he teaches for us. So I am sure you will all join us to wish him good luck for his new venture. Of course this mean that we had a big space to fill, and we are pleased to announced that a local academic has stepped in to breach the gap. We are delighted to announced that Sasha Holden has agreed to join our LLB team of talented lecturers.

We are also welcoming Sarah Gale (on the EU Course) and Paul Dale (Legal System and Method) who are both experienced lecturers. More about our lecturing team can be found on our website.

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