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Mini Symposium – Technological Visions of the Judge

22 November, 6pm.

“Do Judges Need To Be Human?” – Dr Richard Cornes

An interesting question and just one of the concepts that will be discussed as we debate the use of Artificial Intelligence and technology in the Courts of today and the future.


Judges on TV : A comparative perspective. – Prof’ David Marrani

Our guests for the evening will be

Dr Richard Cornes – he is a Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Essex. He is also an Associate Member of Landmark Chambers, London. His research focuses on how psychoanalytical concepts can explain and inform legal processes.

Professor David Marrani – He is Dean at the Institute in Jersey and was previously Director & Director of Studies. Prior to his move to Jersey, he was as Senior Lecturer at the University of Essex School of Law and Human Rights centre. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students French and UK Public Law, Common Law Reasoning, Comparative Law, Comparative Public Law, Jurisprudence and Critical Studies.

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