Our star alumna of August 2020 is Marie Le Frapper


What course did you undertake?

The double degree programme the Institute offers with the University of London and the University of Toulouse Capitole 1.

What year did you graduate?


Why did you choose the Institute?

I chose the Institute without really knowing where I was going actually. However, I was very much attracted to the possibility of studying for two law degrees while being in an English-speaking environment not too far from Brittany, where I am from.

What did you enjoy most about your course and what features did you find most beneficial?

I very much enjoyed the flexibility and the opportunities we had. Although it is not for everyone, I like the fact that we had a lot of free time to study and further our understanding of the subjects .This also allowed me to gain valuable hands-on experience by undertaking two internships during my second year of study which is something that would not have been possible at a regular university.

What was your best memory of your time here?

I actually have two very good memories. The first one relates to when I was awarded the Level 4 Achievement Award and Scholarship from the University of London as a top first-year student in the UK. The second one is when I had the honour of delivering a graduation speech in the Magistrates’ Court in front of members of the Jersey government, members of the local  legal profession as well as my fellow students and friends.

Could you give us a brief description of your current job?

I am currently working for the Government Legal Department within the Cabinet Office as a paralegal. When I started I was mainly dealing with cases before the CJEU in which the UK government was either a party or intervening. Nowadays, my role consists of providing support to the team drafting the Bill which will implement the result of the EU-UK negotiations.

What route did you take to get to your current job position?

I started as a trainee conveyancer at BCR Law in Jersey where I worked for just over a year. This provided me with very valuable experience which allowed me to apply for a paralegal role within the Governement Legal Department.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Being at the heart of one of the biggest constitutional changes in the UK in recent times is definetely what I enjoy the most about my current role.


What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Back in January, I was working on the Hinkley Point case and had the chance to attend the final hearing before the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg. I believe it was the last hearing before the Grand Chamber that the UK attended as a Member State. This is definetely something I will never forget especially as the outcome was favorable to the UK.


How did studying with us help your professional career?

As mentioned above, getting experience is paramount in the legal sector and that is something that I would not have been able to do had I attended a regular university.


What advice would you give to prospective law students?

Don’t give up! Studying law is not easy but it is a very rewarding path to follow. Because there are so many areas to explore you will always find something that interests you and will always have something new to discover.

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