Study with us here in Jersey
– and go away with a fully accredited University of London qualification

We’re a University of London (UoL) Recognised Teaching Centre, which means you can study internationally recognised law programmes with us here at the Institute that are all accredited by the University of London.

You’ll receive focused support in completing your UoL award right here in Jersey – and when you graduate, your prestigious qualification will be valued globally by employers and universities, opening the door to many sought-after careers.

University of London degrees have been the first step in the careers of thousands of practising lawyers around the world.

About the University of London

The University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards.

The first UK university to open its doors to all regardless of gender or creed, UoL was also the first to enable students to take its degrees anywhere in the world.

There are now more than 100 University of London Recognised Teaching Centres like ours spanning 190 different countries, offering teaching support to students studying for UoL awards.

The programmes you study, and all the materials provided, are created and assessed by the University of London’s member institutions, which all have an international reputation for their teaching and research. 

Alumni of the UoL’s online, blended and flexible learning programmes have gone on to shape our world. From six Nobel Prize winners, Commonwealth leaders and government ministers, to renowned authors, academics, judges and business leaders.

The University of London offers more than 100 qualifications through online, blended and flexible learning.
When you study with us, you will be joining over 50,000 students in every corner of the globe studying UoL programmes.
For over 150 years, University of London degrees have provided the first step on a career path for many thousands of practising lawyers.

Leading the way in legal training

When it comes to legal education in particular, the University of London is world renowned. The UoL LLB has been the preferred legal qualification for thousands of practising lawyers within the Commonwealth and around the world. It’s also given many thousands more the vital transferable skills of a world class legal education, enabling them to thrive in many other professions.

Academic direction for UoL’s law programmes is provided by a consortium of outstanding University of London Law Schools, made up of: Birkbeck, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Queen Mary University of London, SOAS, and UCL.

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Being a Recognised Teaching Centre

Being granted Recognised Teaching Centre status by the University of London means that in the view of the University, the Institute of Law Jersey has shown a sustained commitment to excellence in its teaching, support to students and administrative processes.

As a student with us, you will be registered with both the Institute and UoL. You will be working towards exactly the same standard of award as students studying on campus at a UoL member institution.

On successful completion of your studies, you will receive a University of London award. Your diploma will state that you were registered with the University of London and that your examinations were conducted by the University of London Law Schools.