LLB/Cert HE Terms and Conditions for Applicants 

Terms and Conditions for the LLB, Double Degree and Certificate of Higher Education at the Institute of Law


In this agreement:

“the Institute” is the Institute of Law, Jersey

“the University” is the University of London and / or the “Universite Toulouse 1 Capitole ”

“you” is the student applying for or enrolled on the programme of LLB, Double Degree or Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law offered by the Institute.


Fees are due to the University for application, registration, module registration and examinations, these are normally paid direct to the University

Tuition fees are due to the Institute based on a fee for each module studied

Tuition fees cover tuition, use of the Institute Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the Institute facilities and access to the Institute Library

The Institute may charge additional fees for other services and materials.

The Institute reviews the fees every year and reserves the right to change them following such a review.

Tuition fees must be paid by 15 September unless alternative arrangements (“instalments plan”)  have been agreed with the Institute in advance.

Fees may be paid in two instalments as part of the instalments plan. 50% of the fee must be paid by September 15.  The remaining 50% must be paid by the start of the January term.

If you are receiving a contribution from an employer or sponsor, you must arrange for the Institute to receive payment from them by the due date and you must pay any fees not covered by your employer or sponsor by the due date.

if you are in receipt of a grant from Jersey Student Finance, you must provide the Institute with details of the award and you must pay any fees not covered by the grant by the due dates.

Payment of all fees remains your personal responsibility irrespective of the any agreement you may have with an employer or sponsor or your eligibility for a grant.

Withdrawal and refunds of fees

You may give the Institute written notice to withdraw from the programme of tuition. The timing of the receipt of this notice determines what (if any) refund of fees will be made and your liability to pay any unpaid fees

Institute receives your written notice during the period 1 to 24 September:

No refund of first semester fees (and you remain liable to pay any unpaid first semester fees) but you cease to be liable to pay unpaid fees for the second semester.

Institute received your written notice after 24 September:

No refund of fees already paid and you remain liable to pay unpaid fees for the whole year.

Where the reason for the withdrawal is serious illness or other serious extenuating circumstances which prevent you from studying, the Institute will in its discretion consider what (if any) refund of fees should be made.

This agreement may be terminated by the Institute and you will be required to withdraw from the Institute’s programme of tuition without refund of fees paid and remaining liable to pay any unpaid fees if:

·       You breach the regulations of the University

·       Your academic performance is wholly unsatisfactory

·       You fail to pay fees in accordance with this agreement

·       You fail to conform to a reasonable standard of behaviour in relation to tuition

·       You breach the rules governing the use of Institute facilities, equipment or the library

·       Your conduct brings the Institute into disrepute

·       You are convicted or accept a caution for a criminal offence

·       In the reasonable opinion of the Institute, you have failed to provide the Institute with all relevant information, or have supplied false or misleading information, relating to your application.

Neither you nor the Institute shall be liable to each other for any failure or delay in performing obligations, if the failure or delay is due to cause beyond that party’s reasonable control, for example, earthquake, flood, weather, act of God, or of public enemies, national emergency, invasion, insurrection, riots, industrial disputes, strikes, telecommunications failure, boycott, national or supranational government agency or official.

Changes to the programme of tuition

The Institute will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver LLB tuition in accordance with the descriptions set out in its prospectus and website. The Institute, however, reserves the right to make variations to the programme contents and methods of delivery, both before and after your application or enrolment with the Institute if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the Institute.

If there are not sufficient enrolments to make the whole or part of the programme of LLB tuition viable, the Institute reserves the right to cancel or postpone the whole or part of the programme of tuition. Any cancellation or postponement will be announced in advance of the beginning of the academic year.

If this situation arises:

The Institute will use all reasonable endeavours to put in place alternative support if you choose to continue as a student of the University by distance learning (for which it may charge reasonable fees)

The Institute will refund any fees you have paid to the Institute for the tuition of cancelled modules.

The Institute will not, however, be liable to reimburse any fees due to the University of London which the Institute has paid on your behalf.

Attendance at tuition

You agree to use reasonable diligence to attend and participate in tuition sessions and complete written assignments required by tutors. If you cannot attend a tuition session or submit a written assignment you will inform the tutor promptly.

Where required, the Institute will inform the University about your attendance.

Complaints and grievances

If you have a complaint or grievance against the Institute that cannot be resolved by the Dean or the Chairman of the Governing Body, you may request the Governing Body of the Institute to appoint a member of the Jersey Law Society unconnected to you or the Institute to inquire into the matter and make recommendations to the Governing Body.

The Institute may become entitled to take legal action against you (for example to recover an outstanding debt). The Institute will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result.

This agreement is governed by Jersey Law.

Terms and Condition of enrolment and tuition for the Jersey Law Course


  1. The applicant must check that s/he is eligible to apply for the course/sit the examinations as per the  Advocates and Solicitors (Qualifying examination) Rules 1997.  Acceptance onto the course does not constitute a statement of eligibility by the Institute.
  2. The fees cover the provision of study guides, tuition, access to a Virtual Learning Environment, use of study space and the prescribed fee for the first attempt at the examination of each module. For some modules, students may need to pay for additional textbooks.
  3. GST is not payable on the fees charged to students by the Institute of Law as the Institute is a Charity.
  4. Payment of fees is the personal responsibility of the applicant, irrespective of any arrangements for contribution between the applicant and his/her employer.
  5. The Institute of Law reserves the right to increase fees from time to time.
  6. The Institute of Law reserves the right to cancel or amend any course/module.
  7. Students agree to attend all tuition sessions. If a student cannot attend a tuition session he or she shall inform the
    Institute of Law and their lecturer promptly and in advance. Students whose fees are paid by an employer agree that the Institute may inform the employer of their attendance or non-attendance on any module.
  8. The applicant shall pay the relevant fee for the whole Jersey Law Course (“the full fee”) or one or more modules (“The modules fee/s”) on or before the 15 September (“the course payment date”).
  9. Subject to paragraph 10, an applicant who wishes to withdraw from the Jersey Law Course or one or more modules thereof may do so at any time before the relevant course payment date/s.
  10. The Institute of Law shall grant a refund of the full fee or module fee/s within seven days after the date of the receipt of a written request from the applicant, provided this request is received within fourteen days of the relevant course payment date (“the refund period”) For the avoidance of doubt, the refund period shall commence on the day immediatelyafter the course payment date. Any refund requests received by the Institute of Law after the expiration of the refund period shall be treated as invalid.  Refunds shall not be granted in any circumstances other than those set out in this paragraph.
  11. A student may give reasonable written notice of intention to change his/her enrolment to another mode of study as agreed with the Institute. in such a case, the student shall pay any difference in fees occasioned by the change.
  1. Recordings of classes will be made available via the VLE – The Institute cannot guarantee the availability of these recordings and they are not offered as an alternative to attendance at tuition sessions.


Terms and Conditions for Guernsey Bar Course


1.       Whereas:


a.       Law Guernsey LBG (the IoLG) has entered into certain agreements with the Institute of Law, Jersey (the Institute) pursuant to which the Institute will provide a course of study (the Course) leading up to the taking of the Guernsey Bar Exams and the IoLG will pay fees to the Institute in respect thereof;


b.       the person applying (the Student) wishes to enrol for the Course which is anticipated to commence in October of the current calendar year; and


c.       subject to acceptance by the IoLG (by email to the address given by the Student or in such other manner as the IoLG may reasonably select) these terms and conditions shall be binding upon both parties.


2.       It is agreed that:


a.       the IoLG shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the Institute provides the Course;


b.       the IoLG shall pay to the Institute such fees as are agreed between the IoLG and the Institute in respect of the provision of the Course;


c.       the Student shall pay to the IoLG the sum of £13,745.00 (thirteen thousand, seven hundred and fourty five pounds)  by way of Course fees on or prior to 31st July in the current calendar year;


d.       the Student shall enrol with the Institute prior to commencement and fulfill the academic and attendance requirements of the Course;


e.       the date, time, duration, content, manner of delivery and location of the Course shall remain in the absolute discretion of the IoLG (including whether the same are delivered or conducted wholly or partly remotely or in person);


f.        all rights to study guides and other materials which are made available by or on behalf of the IoLG and/or the Institute to the Student in connection with the Course are reserved and no part of any such material may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, or otherwise made available to any other person without permission in writing from the IoLG;


g.       the syllabus, Guernsey Bar Exams and marking thereof are and shall remain in the absolute discretion of the Royal Court of Guernsey and for the avoidance of doubt nothing in this agreement affects the authority or requirements of the Royal Court of Guernsey as regards the Guernsey Bar Exams (to include any Practice Direction) or the requirements of Guernsey law as regards qualification to be a Guernsey Advocate; and


h.       the Institiute and/or the IoLG may from time to time share the Student’s details as given to the Institute and/or the IoLG (including name, firm, telephone numbers and email addresses) in such manner as it may determine to every other student enrolled on or otherwise participating in the Course and to every lecturer, adjunct or other person involved in the provision, administration or management of the Course and/or the examinations.


3.       The Student warrants that he/she is eligible to enrol on the Course in accordance with the requirements of the Institute and of all applicable law, rules and regulations.


4.       The IoLG warrants the accuracy paragraph of paragraph 1 (a) above. Subject to that the IoLG gives no warranties and makes no representation:


a.       in connection with the Institute or the Course or any matters related thereto including without limitation as to the conduct, delivery, content, materials, standard or outcome of the Course;


b.       that the course is suitable for the Student or that upon completion of the Course the Student will pass any one or more examinations related to it or be admitted as a Guernsey advocate.


5.       The IoLG accepts, and shall have, no liability (whether in contract, negligence or otherwise) of any nature arising out of or in connection with the Course including without limitation:


a.       any failure by the Institute in respect of the conduct, delivery, content, materials or standard of the Course or otherwise related to the provision of the Course;


b.       any claims, costs, damage, injury or loss (physical, financial or otherwise) incurred by the Student as a result of registering for and/or participating in and/or attending at any premises and/or otherwise related to the Course;


c.       any reputational or other economic loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) incurred by the Student in connection with the failure or success of the Student in any exams or for any other reason related to the Course.


6.       The IoLG reserves the right not to run the Course in any year in which applications from less than 5 (five) Students have been accepted. In such circumstances any fees already paid will be refunded in full, save where cancellation of the Course is due to the circumstances referred to in clause 7 below.


7.       In the event that the Institute is unable to provide the Course (remotely or in person) or Students and/or lecturers, adjuncts or others involved in providing the Course are unable to attend the Course due to government restrictions (whether in Guernsey or elsewhere) arising out of a recognised health threat as determined by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, or local government authority or health agencies (including but not limited to the health threats of COVID-19 or similar infectious diseases), the fee will be refunded less expenses incurred. Expenses will include a pro rata deduction per Student for any fees owed and/or paid by the IoLG to the Institute in respect of the Course notwithstanding cancellation.



8.       Any Student cancelling his place on the Course after acceptance by the IoLG will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the fee.



9.       This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Guernsey law and the parties agree to submit any dispute arising out of this agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Guernsey.