Dillon Pestana

After attending school at De La Salle College, I started studying law with the Institute in September 2017 as it would allow me to work while studying and was more cost-effective for my family than studying in the UK.

During my first year, I completed an internship with the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman, working part-time while attending classes during the week and on the weekends.

During second year, I begun working part-time for Advocate Claire Davies and obtained a bursary with Bedell Cristin. This allowed me to gain practical legal experience in both a high-street and commercial practice while studying.

I began my final year in September 2019 and continued to work part-time until January 2020 where I wished to focus on my final exams. During COVID-19, my study remained uninterrupted due to the hybrid system that Institute employed in previous years when lecturers were unable to travel to Jersey.

Having obtained a 2:1, I began the Bar Training Course with BPP Law School. In June 2021, I joined Benest & Syvret as a litigation paralegal and completed the last of my Bar exams.

In May 2022, I began the Solicitors Qualifying exams (‘SQE’) and in July 2022 was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn as an Unregistered Barrister.

In January and July/August 2023, I sat and passed the SQE exams before spending some time travelling south-east Asia.

In October 2023, I underwent Army Officer Selection to join the British Army as an Army Legal Officer; and was successful.

In January 2024, I was admitted as a Solicitor of England & Wales and began my military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.