Administrative Staff

Murielle Nicolas

Director of Administration – Institute of Law Jersey

Murielle joined the Institute of Law in August 2016. She is a graduate from the Open University and has a Bachelor of Science Open, a Diploma in Systems Practice and a Certificate in Information Technology and Computing. She brings along years of administrative experience, having worked for the States of Jersey for a significant number of years; her latest role being Business Manager for the Safeguarding Partnership Board. In addition, Murielle has 10 years’ experience as an Adult Education tutor, as she used to teach French in the 1990s. Murielle is a self-confessed technology addict and is always interested in how to apply the latest updates in technology to her areas of work. When she has some free time, she builds websites, spends time behind her camera photographing anything that moves (or stands still), or drives around in her red-and-white 2CV.


Cairistiona Annan

Education Administration Officer – Institute of Law Jersey

Cairis joined the Institute in March 2015. She has a BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics and Philosophy (University of Roehampton). She is a qualified English Teacher, and has previously taught English in China. She is also the Secretary to the Jersey Law Commission. She has a keen interest in how the English Language can affect Law. Cairis enjoys proofreading, and has edited websites, books and eBooks, particularly English Language Teaching, and Law, professionally. She enjoys spending time with her family and cats, being on the Race Committee of every sailing Regatta each year, and cooking interesting and unusual foreign dishes.