Law Library

Opening hours

The Law library opening hours match the teaching hours of the Institute of law and vary from day to day. In order to avoid any disappointment, please check on the yearly planner.

During the months of July, August and September,  the library is open by appointment only.



The Institute of Law is home to the Law Library, which was previously housed in the Royal Court Building, then Seale Street. We are now based in the Turner Building, at Highlands College.

Our collections:

The Library holds books from the collections of the Jersey Law Society and the Royal Court:

Our oldest books require careful handling, therefore they are only available by special request. Should you need to consult one of these books for research, please contact the Institute staff. A list of those books is available on our Vintage collection page.

An online catalogue of the books stored in our main library can be found here (dated 10th July 2019).

In order to use this catalogue, please use the tabs at the bottom to search the different categories (LLB Collection, French Law for the Double Degree, Jersey Law Society Collection for Jersey Law, and the Commonwealth Collection, which consists of books about Jersey, Guernsey, Australia, the Cayman Islands, and the UK, amongst others). The file is read-only, and to search, you can use Control+F to look for the book’s title, or use the drop-downs on the header bars and select the type of book you are looking for (e.g. Contract Law). It is important to note that we do not use the Dewey Decimal System, and so you will not be able to use that information to search for a specific book. Please also note that all books are listed by their full inside-cover title, and not the title that is on the front cover, so the book you are looking for may be available under a different name to what you are searching for.

As well as being used by Institute students, the Law Library is open to everyone. However, we do ask that you check the opening hours and contact the Office to arrange a convenient time to consult the collection. If you are studying outside the Island and would like to use the library for research, please contact the staff to arrange a time for a visit, please consult our catalogues to ensure the required material is available.

The Library is open to commercial users who would like to undertake research. The terms and conditions for such use are available here.



Adopt a Book scheme

The Institute of Law houses a special collection of books of historical significance to Jersey’s unique legal system. Many of these precious tomes are old, extremely fragile and in need of specialist attention to preserve them for future generations. Through the Adopt a Book scheme (leaflet here) Islanders can make a personal donation to help restore, conserve and maintain this important collection. The original books in the library are works of art in themselves, some being over 400 years old, with vellum covers and fascinating designs. Commentators on the customary law of Normandy include Terrien, Basnage, Godefroy and Pesnelle. There are also works by the celebrated Jersey jurists Le Geyt and Poingdestre.

For further information, please contact the Library.

Follow this link for new additions to the Library.