Terms and Condition of enrolment and tuition for the Jersey Law Course

  1. The applicant must check that s/he is eligible to apply for the course as per the  Advocates and Solicitors (Qualifying examination) Rules 1997.
  2. The fees cover the provision of electronic study guides, tuition, access to a Virtual Learning Environment, use of study space and the prescribed fee for the first attempt at the examination of each module. For some modules, students may need to pay for additional textbooks.
  3. GST is not payable on the fees charged to students by the Institute of Law as the Institute is a Charity.
  4. Payment of fees is the personal responsibility of the applicant, irrespective of any arrangements for contribution between the applicant and his/her employer.
  5. The Institute of Law reserves the right o increase fees from time to time.
  6. The Institute of Law reserves the right to cancel or amend any course/module.
  7. Students agree to attend all tuition sessions. If a student cannot attend a tuition session he or she shall inform the Institute of Law Director of Administration and their lecturer promptly and in advance. Students whose fees are paid by an employer agree that the Institute may inform the employer of their attendance or non-attendance on any module.
  8. The applicant shall pay the relevant fee for the whole Jersey Law Course (“the full fee”) or one or more modules (“The modules fee/s”) on or before the 15 September for a September course start or 1 January for January course start.
  9. Subject to paragraph 9, an applicant who wishes to withdraw from the jersey Law Course or one or more modules thereof may do so at any time before the relevant payment date/s.
  10. The Institute of Law shall grant a refund of the full fee or module fee/s within seven days after the date of the receipt of a written request from the applicant, provided this request is received within fourteen days of the course payment date (“the refund period”) For the avoidance of doubt, the refund period shall commence on the day immediately after the payment due date. Any refund requests received by the Institute of Law after the expiration of the refund period shall be treated as invalid. Refunds shall not be granted in any circumstances other than those set out in this paragraph.
  11. A student may give reasonable written notice of intention to change his/her enrolment to another mode of study as agreed with the Institute. in such a case, the student shall pay any difference in fees occasioned by the change.