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Institute of Law fundraisers: Let’s Talk About…

 Free entry for students, non-students may volunteer a donation

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An Institute of Law fundraiser: Let’s Talk About is a platform to allow both young adults and the young at heart to debate topics of interest in a safe environment. Debates are important; they help develop interaction with an audience, hone listening skills, and organise one’s thoughts and arguments, but most of all they cause the development of respect for another’s perspective and form a willingness to listen to someone else’s point of view.

Dates & Topics:

  • 15th January  2019: Should intoxicated individuals be legally responsible for their actions?

Eventbrite - Let's Talk About.... Beds

  • 25 February 2019: Is a verbal contract a valid contract?

Eventbrite - Let's Talk About...

Dress code: smart casual


Spaces are limited, so please get your ticket as soon as possible.