12th June a new start for the Institute of Law

It is time to move

After spending over 10 years at Law House, in Seale street, it is time for the Institute of Law and its staff to say good bye to the building and move to a new location.

We are excited to announce that we are moving the Institute to a new location:  University College Jersey Campus at Highlands. The Institute will be located on the top floor of the emblematic Turner building.

The move has been planned to start after the last teaching session of the academic year to avoid disruption of academic activities.

Law House has seen its fair share of students over the years, both on the Jersey Law Course and on the London degree. However as the Institute of Law’s international reputation is rapidly expanding, the building is starting to feel too small for the Institute’s needs. Our new accommodation is larger, brighter and will give the Institute some room for planned future expansion.

Being part of a campus, will also give our students opportunities to engage with the wider student community. We hope this will enable them to forge lifelong links with Jersey, wherever they will end up in the world at the end of their studies. We are recognising, as always, that our alumni are our best ambassadors.

It is fair to say that this will be a big change for the Institute of Law. And, like every change, it is sometimes regarded with a little apprehension by some, and anticipation by others. We are sure that for many people, it will feel like the end of an era. However, for us, at the Institute, it is a new beginning with capacity to welcome more students, new memories to create, new courses to start, more opportunities. If we wish to maintain the Institute’s quality of higher education in law, it is time for us to create with our partners the academic world of the Channel Island.

We sincerely hope you will join us in celebrating this new beginning and we hope you will either try out one of our courses or join us in a debate (in English or in French) in the near future.

The Institute doors at Highlands will be open to students and the public from the 25th June 2018.