Terms and Condition of enrolment and tuition for the Guernsey Bar Course

  • Whereas
    • Law Guernsey LBG (the Bar) has entered into certain agreements with The Institute of Law, Jersey (the Institute) pursuant to which the Institute will provide a course of study (the Course) leading up to the taking of the Guernsey Bar Exams and the Bar will pay fees to the Institute in respect thereof; and
    • the undersigned person wishes to enrol for the Course (the Student).
  • It is agreed that
    • the Bar shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the Institute provides the Course;
    • the Bar shall pay to the Institute such fees as are agreed between the Bar and the Institute in respect of the provision of the Course;
    • the Student shall pay to the Bar the sum of £12495.00 (twelve thousand, two hundred and fifty pounds)  by way of Course fees prior to 31st July preceding the commencement date of the Course;
    • the Student shall enrol with the Institute prior to commencement and fulfill the academic and attendance requirements of the Course;
    • the date, time, duration, content, manner of delivery and location of the Course shall remain in the absolute discretion of the Bar;
    • the syllabus, Guernsey Bar Exams and marking thereof are and shall remain in the absolute discretion of the Royal Court of Guernsey; for the avoidance of doubt nothing in this agreement affects the authority or requirements of the Royal Court of Guernsey as regards the Guernsey Bar Exams (to include any Practice Direction) or the requirements of Guernsey law as regards qualification to be a Guernsey Advocate.
  • The Student warrants that he/she is eligible to enrol on the Course in accordance with the requirements of the Institute and of all applicable law, rules and regulations.
  • The Bar warrants the accuracy of the first paragraph of the recital above. Subject to that the Bar gives no warranties and makes no representations

(a)        in connection with the Institute or the Course or any matters related thereto including without limitation as to the conduct, delivery, content, materials, standard or outcome of the Course;

(b)        that the Student will pass the Guernsey Bar Exams.

  • Further the Bar accepts, and shall have, no liability (whether in contract, negligence or otherwise) of any nature arising out of or in connection with the Course including without limitation

(a)        any failure by the Institute in respect of the conduct, delivery, content, materials or standard of the Course or otherwise related to the provision of the Course;

(b)        any claims, costs, damage, injury or loss (physical, financial or otherwise) incurred by the Student as a result of registering for and/or participating in and/or otherwise related to the Course;

(c)        any reputational or other economic loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) incurred by the Student in connection with the failure or success of the Student in the Guernsey Bar Exams or for any other reason related to the Course.

  • This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Guernsey law and the parties agree to submit any dispute arising out of this agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Guernsey.