English and French Law
Double Degree

(LLB + French licence en droit)

Two legal qualifications

Prestigious University of London degree

Small class sizes

Choose your specialism

Work experience and mentoring

Island location

Study for a double degree in law here on the beautiful island location of Jersey.

It’s the perfect choice if you want to get a detailed understanding of two of the world’s major legal systems, set yourself apart from other graduates, and prepare yourself for a variety of future careers.

With two legal qualifications in one, you’ll study both English and French law in time it usually takes to study one of those, working towards:

  • an English law degree (studied in English), and
  • a French licence en droit (studied in French).

After Year One, you can shape your studies in the direction that most interests you. You might want to focus on commercial or international law. Or take modules that form the foundation for a career as a practising solicitor or barrister. (Please note: our pathways are currently pending approval, and the availability of pathways may vary from year to year.)

After two years in Jersey, you’ll spend your third in France at the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole. There’s also the option to continue your studies by applying for a master’s in Toulouse in Years Four and Five.

Why study with us?

Our English and French Law Double Degree consists of qualifications awarded by the University of London and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole. So you’ll go away with two legal qualifications with strong international currency from world-renowned universities, opening the door to careers in both the English and French legal systems, as well as many other interesting fields.

Our class sizes – which we keep deliberately small – mean you get a lot more time to talk to your tutors than at other universities. You’ll have the chance to delve deeper into your subjects, and access the focused support you need to gain the most value from your studies.

Real-world work experience is another well-known advantage for both aspiring lawyers and those interested in related careers – which is why all our students are introduced to prestigious Jersey lawyers while studying with us. With our support, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in our mentoring scheme, and be introduced to work experience opportunities with leading offshore law firms that can be difficult to secure elsewhere.

On top of this, our island location – with its beautiful surroundings and welcoming community – offers the perfect setting for immersing yourself in your education and making the most of your experience.

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What do our students think?

Key information

Duration: 3 years, full time

Fees for students enrolling Sept 2023: 

  • Year One: circa £9000 (TBC) 
  • Year Two: circa £9000 (TBC) 
  • Year Three: £1,750 plus registration fees of approximately £500 (TBC)

Application deadline:

Friday, 1 September 2023

How to apply:

  • If you hold a French baccalauréat or equivalent diploma from an EU country, the EEA or Switzerland, please apply through Parcousup
  • Otherwise, please write to: esl@ut-capitole.fr
  • Selection is based on your application
  • Interviews usually take place in late April or early May
  • The course is kept deliberately small. We select a maximum of 25 students a year

Entry requirements: Fluent in English and French. You must meet the University of London entrance requirements in English language


  • The English common law system (used in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; covering 30% of the world’s population) and
  • The French civil law system (used in France, Benelux countries, Italy and Spain)


  • A solid legal foundation
  • Career-ready skills in critical thinking, research, problem solving, verbal and written communication
  • Great preparation for your future working life
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Where can it take you?

Our English and French Law Double Degree will stand you in good stead with future employers – with a curriculum that covers both the English and French legal systems and work experience gained while studying with us.

With two legal qualifications under your belt, including a degree from one of London’s top universities, you’ll be well equipped to work as a solicitor or barrister in the UK, an advocate or solicitor in Jersey, or a French avocat.

The course is also an excellent springboard into a master’s, or a diverse range of other careers, including banking, finance, public law, environmental law, or human rights. 

Our double degree will also set you up to work with NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and charities, whether that’s in a leading, offshore legal and financial centre like Jersey, London or Paris, or anywhere around the globe.




Year One

  • Study at the Institute of Law Jersey
  • LLB Level 4: Legal System & Method, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Public Law
  • Droit Francais et Méthodologie (including Droit Constitutionnel and Droit Administratif)

Year Two

  • Study at the Institute of Law Jersey
  • LLB Level 5 & 6: Tort Law and three further modules from your specialism
  • Droit Francais and Méthodologie (including an introduction to Droit Privé, Droit Civil and Droit Pénal)

Year Three

  • Study at Université Toulouse Capitole 1, France
  • LLB Level 6: Jurisprudence – taught online by the Institute of Law Jersey
  • French L3


From Year Two onwards, you can specialise in the kind of law you want to pursue.

  • Choose Foundations of Legal Knowledge if you’re on the path to becoming a solicitor or barrister


  • If you’d prefer to specialise in commercial or international law, we offer integrated pathways in these practice areas, where your specialism flows through from your English law classes in Jersey to your French law studies in Toulouse.
Please note: our pathways are currently pending approval, and the availability of pathways may vary from year to year.

Learning, teaching and assessment

Our English and French Law Double Degree is taught jointly by the Institute of Law Jersey and Université Toulouse Capitole 1, France.

The English law modules are taught in English, and the French modules in French (by visiting professors from Toulouse).

Studying at the Institute of Law Jersey means you’ll benefit from small class sizes for both your lectures and tutorials, scheduled to fit flexibly around your work commitments and lifestyle.

We’re an approved University of London (UoL) teaching centre. So you’ll have access to UoL teaching materials and curriculum, but with all the benefits of local study support here in Jersey, and all the facilities of a campus-style environment.

When you register, you’ll also get access to the University of London Student Portal. You can then access key resources including:

  • The Laws Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with online access to programme materials, resources, and audio and video lectures
  • An Online Induction (available twice a year) offering live Q&A sessions on the VLE, study skills, the Online Library and Level 4 modules
  • Discussion forums for each module, where you can share perspectives with fellow students from all over the world
  • The Online Library which provides access to over 100 million academic e-books, e-journals, conference recordings etc. You can also request items not held in the library via the library’s Inter-Library loans service with the British Library. You’ll also have access to more than 10 legal databases, including Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw and other valued materials
  • Lecture Plus: for some modules, you can view a recorded lecture and engage afterwards in a dedicated discussion forum
  • Practice exam questions: for some modules, you can get receive feedback on how you’re performing against the criteria applied by examiners
  • Multimedia module guides: these guides use multimedia resources to break down the topics in each module.

All modules are assessed entirely by written examination. These are held in May/June and October.

Living in Jersey

The quality of life, safe location, and beautiful surroundings make Jersey a fantastic place to live and study – with London and the Continent both easily accessible. Find out more

University of London

The University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, and a world renowned provider of legal education. Find out more



Students from outside the UK or Common Travel Area will need a visa to study in Jersey. Please see our guide to help with applications.

Your accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation options on the island – from halls to private rentals. Find out more